Special Content Classes


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Children’s Choir
Children’s Choir (grades 3, 4, and 5) meets in the Church every Thursday at 5:30. All students from the parish are welcome. You do not need to be a student at Our Lady of Fatima to join. John Cook is the Choir Director. For more information, contact jcook59@nyc.rr.com.

School Choir
The School Choir (grades 5 and up) meets weekly after school with Choir Director Milene Corso. The Choir performs at all school masses and major events. Follow the performances of our Choir on Facebook at OurLadyofFatimaJacksonHeights.

Band & Orchestra
Our band program allows students interested in playing an instrument to receive lessons in small groups during time periods that are flexible so that academic time is not impacted. The service provides highly trained educators along with a skilled manager to regularly oversee the program. The instruments involved in the school band include: bells, flute, clarinet, saxophone, trumpet, trombone, and drums, as well as many background instruments. The instruments involved in the school orchestra include: violin, viola, cello, and bass. Students in grades 3 and up are eligible to participate in the band program. Students in grades 1 and up are eligible to participate in the string program. Learn more at pemusic.com.

Computer Classes

Basic computer literacy and knowledge begins in Kindergarten. Computer skills are developed as the students progress to eighth grade. Computer class provides an opportunity for the students to learn keyboarding, word processing, research skills, and coding, and to apply the learned skills to project work. Our computer lab is Internet accessible allowing our students to link classroom study with the tools of current technology.

Internet Acceptable Use Policy (as found in the Handbook on page 26)

Our Lady of Fatima School realizes the value of access to the Internet as well as the potential for abuse. In an effort to prevent such abuse, all students and parents are required to read and sign this Handbook at the beginning of each school year. This includes Our Lady of Fatima’s Acceptable Use Policy. Access to all forms of technology is a privilege which entails responsibility on the part of the user. 

The purpose of the Internet at Our Lady of Fatima School is to support education by providing access to a wide range of resources. Student access to, and use of the Internet as well as all other computer-related technology, will be supervised at all times.

Our Lady of Fatima uses a proxy server to filter/block unsuitable Internet sites. No filtering method is perfect, however, and on a global network it is impossible to filter all material and guarantee that no questionable material can be accessed. Some legitimate sites might be blocked by the rules invoked by the filtering system. 

Not Permitted

• sending inappropriate, obscene, discriminatory, offensive or harassing emails, IMs , instagrams, tweets, facebook messages or posts, etc. (on or off school grounds)
• visiting chat rooms and/or inappropriate websites
• accessing or using web based e-mail accounts
• plagiarism or violation of copyrights
• downloading programs of any kind to the computer’s hard drive or a floppy disk
• transmitting personal information about students or staff, including but not limited to names, addresses, pictures, and phone numbers on or off school grounds
• Students or parents becoming involved in (including ‘friending’) posting or forwarding information in any format related to the school , the staff, or another student, on any web site, social network, bulletin board, journal, instagrams, chat room, e-mail, blog, or other messaging system that is deemed inappropriate, degrading, harassing, threatening, etc. (on or off school grounds)


• suspension or loss of Internet privileges,
• suspension or expulsion from school, based on students‘ or parents’ actions as determined by the administration, based on the infraction.

Spanish Language

Students in Grade 5 and up receive weekly instruction in a second language.