Recent Graduates Earn Honors at their Respective High Schools

 Our Lady of Fatima School would like to congratulate our recent graduates on earning the following honors at their respective high schools! We are so proud to hear that you all are doing well and we wish you the best of luck as you continue in your education!


The Mary Louis Academy:

Principal’s List:

Christina K.

First Honors:

Simranjit K.


Second Honors:

Teresa C. 

Mya M. 


Msgr. McClancy Memorial High School:

Principal’s List:

Aiden A.

Alina A. 

Christopher A.

Evelyn A.

Nathan A.

Qasim C.

Zainab C. 

Corina C.

Annemarie C.

Mary E.

Marcela G. 

Kristen G. 

Gabriela G.

Justin G. 

Ciani H.

Areebah K.

Daniel M.

Sofia M.

Jonathan O.

Melanie P.

Chase P.

Panagiotis P.

Breanna R.

Sebastian R.

Skye R.

Matthew S.

Erik V. 


First Honors:

Valentina C.

Kate. D. 

Joseph D.

Daniela O. 


Second Honors:

Elyse D.

Luis D.

Nelson F.

Kathleen L.

Amanda M.

Pablo Q.

Sebastian V.