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Early Childhood

Nursery – Mrs. V. Lombardo

Nursery: Distance Learning- Mrs. A. Collins 

Pre-Kindergarten – Ms. E. Ritter
Kindergarten – Mrs. K. O’Brien

Grades 1 – 5

1A –  Ms. J. Jerez

2A – Mrs. D. Vicari
2B – Mrs. L. Tronsor

3A – Ms. A. Coleman, ELA and Social Studies 
3B – Mr. J. Baginski, Math, Religion, and Science

4A – Ms. S. Stimmer, ELA and Social Studies 
4B – Mrs. P. Moronta, Math, Religion, and Science 

5A – Mr. D. Kelsey, ELA and Social Studies 
5B – Mrs. K. Clark, Math, Religion, and Science 

Middle School

6A – Ms. E. Reilly, Grades 6-8 Religion 
6B – Ms. L. Stafford, Grades 6-8 Science 

7A – Mr. P. Spencer, Grades 6-8 Math
7B – Ms. A. Robinson, Grades 6-8 Technology 

8A – Mrs. J. Fernandez, Grades 6-8 ELA
8B – Mr. J. Mahoney, Grades 6-8 Social Studies 

Special Subjects

Physical Education
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