2019-2020: A Year in Review

Join us as we take a look back at the 2019-2020 school year! 

Our Lady of Fatima School would like to thank the wonderful parents and students for a great year. Thank you for trusting us with your child’s education. 

Our Lady of Fatima School would also like to thank our teachers, faculty, and staff for all that they do! 

We cannot wait to see you all soon! 



Summer TACHS Prep

One of the first major events in grade 8 is the TACHS exam.   As you know, your score on the exam will determine not only placement in a high school but also the amount of scholarship money available to you.   To help improve your scores, we have developed a TACHS Prep online course to begin late June and go through July.   This will be your opportunity to work closely with your teachers to develop your test-taking skills and practice for that all-important test.  There will be ELA and Math sessions as well as a one-to-one opportunity to speak to the teachers directly on your area of need.


Summer TACHS Prep Letter

Summer Enrichment Program

We have put together an online summer enrichment program open to all students.   Students will have the opportunity to work on skills where they feel they could do better and also work on acquiring new skills.   The program is also designed for those students who want to get a head start on the next grade by exploring topics and resources that will be part of next year’s curriculum.  Classes will be fun and interactive with the chance to stay in touch with your friends while getting ready for next year.  

The program is open to everyone but teachers will be contacting the families of students who may be struggling to discuss participating and getting ready for next year.