The Nature Company Comes to Fatima

The Nature Company came to visit Nursery through 2nd grade on the Friday of Catholic Schools Week. Mr. Collins brought several animal friends to visit including a bearded dragon, two hermit crabs, a corn snake, and a velveteen rabbit. The students had a wonderful time learning about these different animals and petting them. 

6th Grade goes to the Met

6th Grade has been studying the ancient civilizations of Mesopotamia, Egypt, India, and China this year and went to the Met today to see exhibits from all four civilizations! One of our groups even had the chance to see some of Ancient Greece and Rome. Having the opportunity to make our Social Studies class come alive today was well-enjoyed by all!

The BioBus Returns!


The BioBus came back for a visit! Kindergarten had a great adventure this morning using microscopes. First they took a look at microscopic animals. Then they used a special microscope to investigate themselves like their hair, clothing, and skin!

2nd Grade Attends Theatrical Production of Peter Pan

The second grade was so excited to see the Theatrical Production of “Peter Pan. Before we went to see the play, we read the story of “Peter Pan” and learned all about the story. Prior to going we discussed the characters, setting, problem, solution. This gave the student ample knowledge preceding going to the play. After the Theatrical Production we made a vent diagram to compare and contrast the play to the book. Finally, we wrote a Persuasive Writing piece about which one we liked best. Most of the Second graders preferred the Theatrical Production. 

Tenement Museum

The eighth grade finished studying the Industrial Age and Immigration in the late 1800s and early 1900s. We took this opportunity to visit the Tenement Museum where our students explored what it was like to live in an actual tenement apartment. We saw two families’ apartments and how cramped their lives actually were and what the families’ lives were like by using primary sources from the time period.